Built-in asset manager implementation for use with Elide applications.

Resolves and loads assets embedded in the application at build-time, based on binary-encoded protocol buffer messages which define the dependency structure and metadata of each embedded asset.



Server-side asset configuration.


Active asset index for this server run.


Active asset reader implementation for this server run.


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object Companion


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open override val logging: Logger

Logger which should be used to emit not-found warnings and other messages from the asset manager implementation which is live for the current server lifecycle.

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open override val reader: AssetReader


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Resolve an AssetPointer for the specified asset module ID; if none can be located within the current set of live server assets, return null.

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open override fun linkForAsset(module: AssetModuleId, overrideType: AssetType?): String

Generate a relative link to serve the asset specified by the provided module ID; the link is built from the active configured asset prefix, plus the "asset tag," which is a variable-length cryptographic fingerprint of the asset's content.

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open suspend override fun renderAssetAsync(request: HttpRequest<*>, asset: ServerAsset): Deferred<StreamedAssetResponse>

Responsible for converting a known-good asset held by the server into an efficient StreamedAssetResponse which serves the asset to the invoking client.

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open fun resolve(request: HttpRequest<*>, moduleId: String? = null): ServerAsset?

Resolve the asset requested by the provided HTTP request; if the corresponding file cannot be found, return null, and otherwise, throw an error.

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open suspend fun serveAsync(request: HttpRequest<*>, moduleId: String? = null): Deferred<StreamedAssetResponse>

Asynchronously produce an HTTP response which serves the asset described by the provided request; if the asset in question cannot be located, serve a 404 Not Found, and for any other error, serve a 500 Internal Server Error.

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open fun serveNotFoundAsync(request: HttpRequest<*>): Deferred<StreamedAssetResponse>

Serve a response of status HTTP 404 (Not Found), in response to a request for an asset which could not be located by the built-in asset system.