class ServerAssetReader : AssetReader

Default implementation of an AssetReader; used in concert with the default AssetManager to fulfill HTTP requests for static assets embedded within the application.



Server-side asset configuration.


Live index of asset data.


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open override fun findByModuleId(moduleId: AssetModuleId): ServerAsset?
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open override fun pointerTo(moduleId: AssetModuleId): AssetPointer?
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open suspend override fun readAsync(descriptor: ServerAsset, request: HttpRequest<*>): Deferred<RenderedAsset>
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open fun resolve(request: HttpRequest<*>): ServerAsset?

Resolve the provided HTTP request to an asset path string, and then resolve the asset path string to a loaded ServerAsset, if possible; return null if the asset cannot be located.

open override fun resolve(path: String): ServerAsset?