Elide Framework: API Docs

Elide is a polyglot runtime and framework for building really cool web apps which can mix languages. It's a runtime in the sense that you can run software with it, like with node or python, and it is a framework, in the sense that it can be used on the JVM via Maven Central.

Where these docs fit in

These docs are the API docs for using Elide as a framework. If you are looking for Getting Started docs, or you're looking for docs describing Elide's use as a runtime, head to our website or the main GitHub repo.

Framework architecture

Elide, as a framework, ranges from a Nothing Burger to Everything You Could Want, based on the set of modules you choose to add to your app.

Module Platforms Description
core JVM, JavaScript, Native, WASM Broadest platform support; simplest tools.
base JVM, JavaScript, Native Useful tools which aren't yet available on all platforms.
test JVM, JavaScript, Native Test and assertion utilities and annotations.
ssr JVM, JavaScript Shared SSR annotations and logic across platforms.
server JVM Server operational code, annotations, controllers.

Note: In this case, Native refers to Kotlin Native, not the GraalVM Native Image tool, which Elide also uses (when used as a runtime).

Unsupported modules

Additional modules exist, but are either internal to the Elide framework or runtime, or aren't yet supported for public use. You can feel free to try and use them, but they may not work as expected and APIs may shift without warning.

All modules:

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The elide-base module is a multi-platform Kotlin module which provides basic utilities which are typically useful for all applications.

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elide-core provides the widest possible platform support for Elide tooling and logic.

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The elide-server module provides support for server apps built with the Elide Framework on JVM.

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The elide-ssr module provides cross-platform types for polyglot SSR (Server-side Rendering) operations.

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The elide-test module is a multi-platform Kotlin module which provides cross-platform test and assertion utilities and annotations.